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Golden Sun 3 and NGAP Top 5?

2009-06-04 22:36:35 by Shandu

Well, it seems that Soar Away has made it to the Audio Portal Top 5 this week, so be sure to check it out!

In other news Golden Sun 3, or rather, Golden Sun DS is set for a 2010 release!

For those of you who feel a wave of nostalgia coming on, go check out these 3 orchestrated Golden Sun songs I put together:
Golden Sun - Main Theme
Golden Sun - Overworld
Golden Sun - Happy Town

All in all, a good week so far :D


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2009-06-04 22:41:35

Yeah, the golden sun games were masterpieces, awesome stories and great gameplay. The third one's gonna be awesome, I got a good feeling about it

Shandu responds:

I sure hope so... I've been waiting on this game for a loooooooooooong time


2009-06-05 02:16:01

who could be the main character this time?


2009-06-05 02:42:39

you beat me to it man.
Great to see an awesome franchise kicking off again.
I'm gonna go play the first 2 on my SP.
Also altho length doesn't really matter if it's 5 hours long I'mma be pissed
Although since it's GS it would probably be the best 5 hours any game on the DS would have. Altho Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside Story is looking sweeeet too
As is The New Super Mario Bros for the Wii
And Mario Galaxy 2 (They say it's gonna be harder yaaaaay!!! first was waaay too easy)
Twilight princess 2 gonna be awesome
Team Ico's new game (Last Guardian) Is gonna rock just like Ico and SOTC
So many new games well at least I saved up my money this year :)

Also by any chance have you played the Last Remnant for the Xbox360 ??


2009-06-06 09:55:05

I'm pretty sure it's just a remake.


2009-10-08 20:47:39


Can't wait :) Played through both, praying that the final boss of Golden Sun DS doesn't have the move Cruel Rain -laughs-

I really loved the story and the game play, the world you were allowed to explore was so huge and the puzzles, I loved solving the puzzles. For a while after I finished, no other games were satisfying enough to play so I went back and fought the final boss again. After that, back to my dear old friends, Dragon Warrior and Dragon Quest Monsters.

On another note I think you would do a good job with the Altin Caves song too if you did that. Always loved the suspense that song brought when walking through the caves.